Surprise Me!

Hot Dog Family わんちゃん親子のホット『ドッグ』

2016-01-29 612 Dailymotion

We are publishing our first recipe book! The Japanese name is long (あっ! 妄想グルメだ! なにコレ!?と見て食べて驚くレシピ) but can be liberally translated to "Hey! It's Mosogourmet! Recipes that shock, satisfy and surprise!"
This "Hot Dog Family" recipe is the first of a series of new videos using recipes from our book.

We got the idea for this recipe in August of 2013, when we were invited to the Tastemade studio in Santa Monica. When we saw the studio oven that was bigger than any we'd seen in Japan, our first thoughts were "We want to bake a really long hot dog bun!" and "We want to decorate a bunch of Vienna sausages to look like puppies and put them in the bun!" In the end, we weren't able to bake the long bun on that trip, but we're very glad that we hung on to that idea for two years so that we can show it to you now! (It's quite a bit smaller than we had pictured...)

Decorate the dog and puppies however you would like. But it's important to make sure they look like mother and her puppies! It may be easier to decorate the puppies after you put the Vienna sausages on the bun.

Recipe (Makes 1)

1. On one side of a hot dog bun, make a cut down the middle, leaving about 1/5 uncut.
2. Stuff shredded cabbage (about 9 grams) into the cut.
3. Cut eyes, noses, mouths, and tails out of seaweed using a nori punch.
4. Cut hearts out of a cheese slice for the nose, and use a tweezers to place the cut seaweed on the heart.
5. Cut oval shapes out of a cheese slice for the mother dog's ears. Place them on a sheet of seaweed, and use scissors to trim around the edges.
6. Put Vienna sausages (that can be eaten uncooked) on the bun. Decorate the dogs using mayonnaise as glue to attach the parts made in steps 3 to 5.
7. Add ketchup or other toppings as you like. Enjoy!


「あっ! 妄想グルメだ! なにコレ!?と見て食べて驚くレシピ 」
この わんちゃん親子のホットドッグはレシピ本用に新しく加えた動画の第1弾になります。