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A.KOR - Always 에이코어 - Always

2015-03-06 90 Dailymotion

Five-member hip-hop group A.KOR came into the music scene in 2014 and they are back with the 1st single album, "Always" in January.
The title song "Always" is a perfect mix of a sensual, delicate chorus and a tough rap.
As the title implies, the lyrics warn her boyfriend who always makes the same mistake and excuses that she won't be swayed by him.

Three-member hip-hop group RUBBER SOUL began their activities as musicians with their debut album "Life" in 2015.
The title song "Life" is a medium tempo neo-soul hip-hop track with comfortable vocals that contrast with the delightful rap.
The lyrics are about passionate youngsters in their 20's who find true and lasting happiness in their daily lives.

Super Cool Guy (Feat. YEON DU)-Party Tonight
Delightful hip-hop duo Super Cool Guy debuted in 2014.
They are back with the 2nd digital single, "Party Tonight" in January.
This song with elements of hip-hop and Korea's traditional percussion music says, "Let's party until the sunrise."

HEYNE-My Heart
HEYNE charmed everyone with her cute, bubbly qualities since 2013.
She's back with her 4th single, "My Heart" showing off her growth.
The title track "My Heart" is a ballad song with a powerful sound that delicately depicts the nervous emotions of a young girl in love.

EON DU-Be Your Girl
YEON DU made her debut as a member of "Delight" in 2013 and is back with her 1st solo album.
The title song "Be Your Girl" is about a girl hoping to become good enough to be with the person she loves.
It perfectly demonstrates YEON DU's powerful singing and rapping skills.

1PUNCH-Turn Me Back
1PUNCH, one of the most anticipated rookies of 2015, made their debut with the 1st single album, "The Anthem" in January.
The title song "Turn Me Back" is a retro hip-hop dance piece with a funky sound reminiscent of 80's & 90's old school swing music.
The lyrics are about a guy asking his ex to take him back to the moment when they were happy together.

MYNAME-Too very