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A.KOR (Always) 에이코어(Always)

2015-02-12 47 Dailymotion

This is a ballad song in pop music style with a magnificent and beautiful melody that differs from the typical ballad sound of idol groups. The melody blends flawlessly with the dreamy sound, and the lyrics describe the heartache of a breakup.

New Secret Box
A.KOR (Always)
This is the title track of A.KOR's single album of the same name. It's about girls declaring that they will no longer put up with bad guys, who always break their hearts and give the same old excuses. There is a great fusion of emotional and delicate melodies and a tough-sounding rap.

Star VS Star
Apink (LUV)
This is the title track of Apink's 5th mini album, "Pink LUV." This is a song about growing into a woman and reminiscing about first love. The hip hop elements and music sampling in the chorus stand out.

This is the title track of EXO-K's 1st mini album. Composed by the hit maker Yoo Young-jin, this song presents a powerful sound and accentuates the mystical qualities of the band. It points out that people living in modern society are trapped between the digital world and reality, and this is creating obstacles in communication and in finding pure love.